Mobile App Change Log 6.18.0

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Mobile App Change Log 6.18.0

Recent updates and optimisations to the Bitfinex mobile app

We’re pleased to present Version 6.18.0 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes the average price field update for the Recurring Buy feature.

You can also download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app from the Android Application Package (APK).

Please share your experience by leaving a review in the app store or by completing the Bitfinex mobile user app survey! The below changes have been suggested to us by our active customer base. Feedback from our customers is incredibly valuable to us.


  • Updated the order details screen to redirect users to the ticker screen when clicking on a trading pair
  • Updated to show N/A when recurring order is yet to be executed
  • Updated to add Wormhole and QRDO token icons
  • Updated to add token network mapping for the address book
  • Updated to change article link colour for better readability
  • Updated faster rendering image in Bitfinex Pulse
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed deposits Tether with Payment ID issue
  • Fixed deposit permissions check
  • Fixed the issue of orders not being visible when accessing the pair via the position detail link
  • Fixed the funding book flash rate not shown for the Bids column
  • Fixed the SWAP USD equivalent showing the scientific value
  • Fixed Bitfinex Pulse QRCode
  • Fixed the Fast Pay payment ID parameter
  • Fixed to show the ALT2612 article

You can also share your feedback with us by joining our Bitfinex Telegram channel and Discord community.

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