New AI Crypto Presale Project Soars Past $6 Million Amid Meme Coin Rally

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Scotty the AI, the new ERC-20 meme token, has garnered early support with over $6.5 million already contributed to its ongoing presale as it advances into stage 20.

Since its mid-February launch, the presale has experienced remarkable success, which comes as no surprise considering its alignment with two of the industry’s most prevailing trends.

In the midst of the AI token and meme coin surge, Scotty the AI has emerged as a notable project poised to enhance security and fraud detection within the crypto industry.

Scotty the AI employs advanced AI technologies to provide solutions for enhancing security, detecting fraud, and mitigating risks within the blockchain ecosystem. The project’s name is inspired by the Scottish Terrier dog breed, representing qualities such as vigilance, intelligence and loyalty.

Insights into Scotty The AI’s Features – Scotty Swap, Scotty Chat, and Upcoming Developments

Two notable components within Scotty the AI‘s ecosystem include Scotty Swap and Scotty Chat, with another yet to be unveiled. As part of its security protocol, Scotty The AI’s token swap engine and Scotty Chat introduce advanced AI-driven cybersecurity to the blockchain.

Scotty’s Swap engine utilizes AI to scrutinize blockchain data, detecting potential threats before facilitating secure token swaps effortlessly. With his innate ability to detect deceit and his swift responsiveness, he can pinpoint and highlight suspicious transactions, preemptively preventing fraudulent activities.

Scotty Chat, powered by Scotty the AI, revolutionizes crypto discussions by offering an AI-driven chatbot and crypto companion. It provides users with real-time market insights and analysis through advanced AI algorithms.

Unlike traditional research tools, Scotty Chat offers a conversational interface, accessible to users of all experience levels. Users can interact with Scotty Chat in natural language, asking questions and receiving informative responses.

It fosters community engagement by facilitating interactive discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions, helping users expand their understanding of the crypto landscape and build relationships.

Operating round the clock, Scotty Chat ensures users have access to valuable insights and support whenever they need it, even during volatile market conditions.

Moreover, Scotty the AI prioritizes utility with its forthcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game. While additional information, such as gameplay specifics, will be disclosed at a later date, the project’s developers have positioned Scotty at the core of a game designed to appeal to a broad audience.

To access detailed updates regarding the $SCOTTY presale, view the video above and follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury manages a Discord server with 21,000 members, offering users trading advice and insights into upcoming crypto presales.

SCOTTY Presale Milestone Surpassing $6.5 Million in Funding

The ongoing $SCOTTY presale has sparked considerable excitement, resulting in a noteworthy $6.5 million raised thus far. This milestone underscores the escalating interest surrounding Scotty the AI and its distinctive standing within the crypto realm.

Presently in its 20th phase, the ICO presents an opportunity for investors to acquire $SCOTTY tokens at a mere $0.01 each. Compliant with the ERC-20 token standard, SCOTTY ensures broad accessibility and compatibility. It operates as a deflationary meme coin, with its supply diminishing over time.

The total supply of $COTTY stands slightly above 1.7 billion tokens, with 50% designated for public sale and an equal share allotted for development, promotional endeavors, staking and exchange listings. Potential investor can visit our guide on how to buy Scotty the AI token here.

None of the tokens are reserved for the team, and all liquidity keys are permanently destroyed to better align the project’s objectives with community interests. Presale participants can promptly commence earning staking rewards, with a lucrative 37% APY on their deposits.

$SCOTTY will be strategically listed on popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs) ahead of the Scotty Swap launch and the beta introduction of Scotty Chat.

For the latest updates on Scotty the AI, follow their Telegram channel and X account (formerly Twitter). To take part in the $SCOTTTY presale visit


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