New and Best Meme Coins To Buy February 1 – Meme Kombat, Hoge, Dino, Popcat

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Investors face an uphill task trying to find the next new meme with potential ROI to add to their portfolio without falling victim to the “rug pull” many meme tokens are known for. 

This article aims to analyze Hoge, Popcat, and Dino by looking at their use cases, partnerships, and the reason behind their price rallies.

New and Best Meme Coins to Buy Now

Choosing the best meme cryptocurrency to invest in for 2024 from among the hundreds of alternatives might be daunting. Hoge has built a space program that can potentially send cryptocurrencies to space.

In light of the recent integration of Dino with, users can now use $DINO to pay for whatever they buy in any store. Also, Meme Kombat has successfully raised $7,717,893.90 out of the $8,000,000.00 target in the ongoing presale.

1. Dino LFG (DINO)

The team behind the DINO project recently integrated its native coin into marketplaces, including and VoltInu. This move enables its users to use the token as a payment method in stores such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other major stores in over 60 countries.

Dino LFG also holds a strategic partnership with Hyve.Works. This collaboration allows freelancers on the freelancing website to receive payments in DINO while enterprises or buyers can opt to pay via DINO Token.

Apart from being a popular crypto, DINO is a DeFi meme coin propelled by its community. The token followers grew from 10 to 4000 members following a successful launch in less than two months. Members have built a strong community by regularly holding events and games and providing crypto tips on its Twitter and Telegram channels.

DINO price chart

Dino also aims to broaden its pool of partners to offer more utilization and real-life applicability. For this, it uses gamification. Currently, DinoLFG has over 20 products on its platform, 4 essential products so far are:

Dino NFT – A NFT collection

Dinoverter – A swap protocol.

Shop with Dino

Dinostake – A staking portal

Furthermore, Dino operates a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) system where token holders can vote on suggestions and influence the project’s future direction. This system promotes community involvement and transparency.

In addition, participants earn passive income by holding DINO tokens and staking their coins. When they keep DINO, they are rewarded with a portion of the token’s 3% transaction fee that is distributed as a reward to stakers, incentivizing long-term holding and community engagement.

2. Popcat (POPCAT)

The founder of the ENIGMA art collection series has made a noteworthy acquisition of the update and social media rights of Popcat. Jpeggler has laid out policies for the POPCAT token that focus on stability and longevity. An essential element of the plan is to make the coin’s metadata immutable. This decision is geared toward protecting the token from any potential manipulation or threats in the future, thereby ensuring its reliability and sustainability and reliability for investors and holders.

Furthermore, making the metadata immutable shows a broader commitment to transparency and security in the blockchain space. Also, securing these rights and taking these steps safeguards the coins. Jpeggler is looking after the interests of POPCAT holders and contributing to the overall health and reliability of the Solana ecosystem.

POPCAT, unlike other meme coins, has a professional team continuously developing projects for its ecosystem, including an NFT marketplace for its users and a unique and amusing game that will reward participants with BNB and BUSD. 

POPCAT price chart

By making POPCAT a BSC-based meme token with its own ecosystem and reward structure, participants can make seamless, fast, and lower transaction fee purchases on the platform. 

A buyback and burn mechanism also burns 2% of each transaction, making it a deflationary token. The team behind Popcat believes that the token will become a very popular meme token with a solution like this.

Another way POPCAT differs from other meme tokens is that it has a professional team and a system that maintains the token’s introductory price steady and even grows in the future.

One significant problem gamers face is spending a lot of money to access restricted gaming platforms. To solve this problem, Popcat makes its platform open to all users. Popcat pays its users for playing its games rather than charging them to use the platform. So, gamers do not simply play for enjoyment but also for earning money. 

Popcat’s contract automatically configures the buyback and burn mechanism for each transaction. The aim is for 2% of each transaction to be purchased back and delivered to the burn wallet. As a result, the supply of POPCAT will continue to fall, raising the base price.

3. Hoge Finance (HOGE)

In an announcement, the Hoge team declared that it had created a Space program with the plan to develop a CubeSat platform to send crypto technologies to space. HOGE is expected to become one of the most successful meme coins of all time if the initiative turns out to be a success.

Additionally, HOGE stands out as one of the pioneering DeFi meme coins with a Certik audit, affirming its security with no significant findings. The project has evolved beyond its initial vision of being a deflationary token into a philanthropic and practical endeavor.

HOGE price chart

Furthermore, With initiatives like minting NFTs for holders, Rally Racing Trucks, sponsoring eSports, and fostering a non-profit DAO hybrid, HOGE demonstrates a commitment to community engagement and charitable causes. It has raised over $20,000 for animals through movements like #HogeSavesTheAnimals.

Also, the project’s foray into dApp game development through its HogeGameLabs adds another layer to its multifaceted strategy, contributing to its long-term viability and community impact. However, investors should conduct thorough research and consider the inherent risks before investing in HOGE.

4. Meme Kombat (MK)

According to its whitepaper, Meme Kombat has outlined its dedication to utility, focusing on providing opportunities for users to get rewards through the platform. Moreover, the emphasis on utility and the ongoing presale position MK as the next meme coin to explode.

The Meme Kombat presale has seen significant interest from potential investors, drawing early excitement for the project. The platform concentrates on catering to game lovers, offering an extraordinary combination of betting and staking features designed to expand the utility of MK tokens. Additionally, Meme Kombat has successfully raised over $7,717,893.90 out of the $8,000,000.00 target in the ongoing presale.

Also, with a maximum cap of $10 million, the current presale offers MK tokens for $0.279 each. Furthermore, 10% of the tokens are reserved for liquidity upon listing on decentralized exchanges, demonstrating the project’s commitment to promoting decentralized trading. The strategic integration of betting and staking functionalities positions Meme Kombat as an interesting option for users and investors.

Visit the Meme Kombat presale here

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