New and Best Meme Coins To Buy Saturday, February 10 – Non-Playable Coin, Shibavax, Kangal, Bitcoin Minetrix

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Meme coins have become a popular trend in the cryptocurrency world. These meme coins are usually developed around internet hypes or memes, occasionally starting as simple witticism. Despite their prankish origins, some meme tokens have undergone astronomical price explosions.

Today, Insidebitcoin explores three of the best meme tokens and a coin presale. The exploration takes their utilities, partnerships, and strengths into consideration.

New and Best Meme Coins to Buy Now

Meme coins may be attractive to risk-averse traders, considering their volatility. Yet, a powerful technique sophisticated investors employ is diversifying across numerous projects.

However, these meme coins are worth considering for investors seeking opportunities in today’s cryptocurrency market. Additionally, for those looking to invest, Meme Kombat is an option. Investors can join Meme Kombat’s potential price rally from its inception.

In other news, suspicion heightens as Bitcoin embarks on a rally earlier than expected. The movement generates mixed feelings, with many speculating it’s a bull trap. However, the surging crypto prices are not specific to the BTC chain.

1. Non-Playable Coin (NPC)

NPC is a distinct coin that integrates the elements of a meme coin and an NFT. It seeks to be accessible to all humans on Earth by seamlessly switching between the two aspects, maintaining a 1:1 ratio using a dApp. While NPC has already undergone price growth, it remains a promising coin.

The project reached the top of the trending list yesterday after printing over a 70% price increase in the early hours. It also posted a trading volume increase of over 450%.

In the latest development, the token’s endorsement by famous crypto trader Rune King is encouraging. NPC reacted positively to the news, with its price surging by over 36%, reaching $0.002137 in the early hours of today.

NPC’s price pump is unsurprising, as the coin just completed its migration from Sushiswap to BASE. The movement may have accounted for the continuous price pump, which has stretched for 14+ days.

At the current rate, NPC might sustain its weekly trend as the number of coin holders increases. From its etherscan data, there’s been a 2% increase in holders in 24 hours, bringing the total to 1538. The swelling number may continue to pressure its price, pushing it into a prolonged uptrend.

Investors’ sentiment remains bullish on the token due to NPC’s reasonably low market cap, which gives it a strong growth prospect.

2. Shibavax (SHIBX)

Shibavax (SHIBX) positions itself as the first meme coin on the Avalanche network. The popular Shiba token inspires it. The coin was developed with a unique DeFi strategy, utilizing Avax’s capabilities.

Shibavax has managed to sustain a sense of greed in the market despite its recent dip in price. According to current market data, SHIBX is priced at $0.00009615. The price has increased 32% in the last 24 hours.

Shibavax price chart

The current cycle low for SHIB is $0.000006549, while the highest price since the last cycle low reached $0.000107. These figures show the volatility in SHIBAX’s price directions and the potential for both short-term shifts and long-term growth.

One likely catalyst for the current greed sentiment in the Shibavax community is the Avalanche Foundation. A recent announcement by Avalanche Foundation on the criteria for buying Avax-based tokens. The announcement follows the news that Avalanche intends to buy Avax-based tokens. The proposed funds for this project were touted to be $100 million.

Overall, Shibax remains an attractive meme coin to look out for, a sentiment not hidden from its community, irrespective of price.

3. Kangal (KANGAL)

As the crypto market undergoes prolonged consolidation, investors turn to Kangal, a DAO developing an ecosystem of dApps. It promotes a governance coin (KANGAL) and a utility coin (TEAK). The governance coin is available to buy on several exchanges, but TEAK is minted simply by staking.

Kangal features a fully functioning dApp. The project incorporates the DeFi and App systems while operating DAO settings. It gives token holders the capacity to make essential decisions on the platform. The coin holders can also create and publish their app powered by the $TEAK coins. Kangal holders are the stakeholders, allowing them to build their future.

KANGAL price chart

On-chain metrics show that Kang has surged by 356% in 1 year. Kangal’s impressive numbers have grabbed the interest of investors and developers. It has caused a rise in Kangal’s transaction activity. As Kangal promotes its ecosystem, analysts predict that the coin can climb to $0.000103 by the end of February, cementing it as one of the best meme coins in the market

Shibavax has demonstrated stability, sustaining 16 green days in the last 30 days, making 50% of the specified period. SHIBX is trading at $0.000002843, which is 173.20% above cycle low. SHIB’s Fear & Greed Index sits at 72, showcasing a bullish investor sentiment.

However, analysts maintain a bullish position concerning Shibavax’s future. Shibavax attracts additional users due to its advanced ecosystem facilities.

4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is a remarkable, innovative project. It employs decentralized cloud mining to make cryptocurrency mining cheap. The project also makes mining available to small-scale holders.

Bitcoin Minetrix presents a reliable cloud mining technique for regular crypto users. It seeks to resolve the issue of unreasonable hardware costs and frauds that discourage people from mining Bitcoin.

BTCMTX’s Stake-to-Mine platform is distinct and makes BTC mining feasible for everybody. Users only need an Ethereum-compatible wallet to buy and stake BTCMTX tokens. Staking BTCMTX earns non-tradable ERC-20 coin credits that must be burned in exchange for Bitcoin cloud mining power.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s Gleam competition was introduced recently. The airdrop seeks to reward the community with $30,000 worth of $BTCMTX coins. Players can win one of 10 prize allocations, each worth $3,000. To join, players must visit the website and follow BTCMTX on Twitter.

Players buy BTCMTX coins using BNB, ETH, USDT, or bank cards to access BTC mining. Afterward, they can stake the tokens to earn cloud mining credits. Furthermore, they burn credits to boost their Bitcoin mining power.

Notably, $BTCMTX has raised $10,629,134.59 as of the time of writing. At the same time, its presale target remains $13,388,576. Also, 1 BTCMTX is priced at $0.0134 and will be increased in 4 days.

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