New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – Gram, SOAI, BOOK OF MEME

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The approaching bitcoin halving and impending bull run have prompted investors to reassess their investment portfolios. As a result, there’s been a spike in trading activity in the Altcoin market as investors look to capitalize on the expected rally.

The current surge in the market has also created a favorable environment for new tokens and presales to gain traction. This analysis delves into their features, performance metrics, and notable advancements within these cryptocurrency markets.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

The value of Shiba Inu is surging, prompting speculation about its potential as a top cryptocurrency investment. In other news, Bitcoin Minetrix’s presale Stage 32 has exceeded $12.3 million, offering an APY of 56%. Additionally, TON Blockchain has seen over 50 million transactions linked to Gram mining. The number of Gram holders has organically grown, reaching 15,000 within two weeks and steadily increasing.

1. Gram (GRAM)

The emergence of Gram, a decentralized cryptocurrency distributed through a PoW mechanism on the TON Blockchain, has stirred attention in the crypto community. Unlike conventional tokens, Gram opts for an equitable distribution model. This move ensures fair access to mining opportunities for all users, regardless of their hardware capabilities.

Since its launch, Gram has made notable strides within the TON ecosystem, steadily growing in impact., a prominent platform, has witnessed a surge of 100,000 new users following the Gram launch. In addition, the number of daily active users on the platform has doubled.

GRAM Price Chart

Moreover, TON Blockchain has processed over 50 million transactions related to Gram mining. Validators have also received substantial rewards totaling more than 200,000 tons ($400,000). The organic growth of Gram holders has been remarkable, reaching 15,000 within two weeks and continuing to climb. 

Furthermore, DEX exchanges have experienced a surge in trading volume, surpassing $10 million. Notably, Gram’s listing and trading have fueled this upward movement. Likewise, Gram’s integration into various mining projects and establishment of more than three Gram mining pools have attracted a new and active audience to TON.

Therefore, Gram’s introduction has served as a gateway for many individuals to explore TON’s ecosystem. Its launch has triggered engagement in wallet usage, DEX trading, mining activities, and mining pool participation. Gram’s growth reflects its potential to reshape the decentralized cryptocurrency space within the TON community and the overall market.


SOAI, an innovative computing platform, has been a positive growth path since its introduction into the market. With a robust ensemble of cutting-edge AI models, SOAI aims to transform computing. In line with this, it integrates advanced language understanding and visual comprehension into user interactions. Leveraging state-of-the-art models like GPT-4v, BERT, and ResNet, SOAI ensures precise task execution through natural language commands. 

This move transcends traditional computing paradigms. Furthermore, SOAI’s cross-platform compatibility, available for MacOS and Windows, ensures a simple user experience. To maintain this simplicity, SOAI is used across diverse operating systems. It offers unparalleled versatility for many tasks, supported by a suite of robust libraries, including PIL, OpenAI, TensorFlow, and PyTorch.

SOAI Price Chart

Moreover, SOAI has forged strategic partnerships with notable platforms and projects in the crypto space to fortify its position and growth process. Collaborations with DefenderProBot, FAKEAI, Artemis AI, Tao Inu, and NodeSynapse signify SOAI’s commitment to improving its offerings and user engagement.

DefenderProBot, renowned as a gatekeeper of security and access for Telegram groups, promises to eliminate spam bots and ensure seamlessly verified user interactions. Similarly, FAKEAI introduces novel technology enabling users to craft engaging videos directly within Telegram groups.

Artemis AI seeks to improve crypto trading by providing users with advanced tools for market analysis, risk management, and portfolio optimization. Meanwhile, Tao Inu, a decentralized dog mascot token, offers a unique community-driven approach with tax-free transactions and a growing user base.

In addition, SOAI’s partnership with NodeSynapse signifies a strategic move towards bolstering Web3 infrastructure and server hosting capabilities. A unique revenue-sharing model for token holders underpins this. These collaborations showcase SOAI’s commitment to innovation and expansion, positioning it as a frontrunner in intelligent computing and crypto-related ventures.


BOOK OF MEME’s (BOME) debut on the Solana blockchain has sparked significant interest among investors. It marks a remarkable milestone in the evolving landscape of meme culture integration with decentralized technologies. Developed by Darkfarms, renowned for their creation of Pepe, BOME aims to establish a lasting repository for internet memes.

Hence, it leverages decentralized storage solutions like Arweave and IPFS alongside Solana and potential future integration with Bitcoin for immutable record-keeping. MEME’s pre-sale event began on March 13 and took a unique approach, ditching fixed token prices in favor of allocation proportional to the contributed SOL rate. Unexpectedly, this strategy exceeded initial expectations, generating a surplus of SOL tokens beyond Darkfarms’ anticipated range of 500-600 SOL.

BOME Price Chart

Since its launch, BOME has grown meteorically, surging over 3,000% within 48 hours to hit 138th position in market capitalization rankings. Despite its growing status, BOME’s market valuation has swiftly approached the billion-dollar mark. This rapid ascent reflects its increasing adoption and interest in the crypto-verse. 

Furthermore, trading activity for BOME has been robust, with transaction volumes exceeding $1 billion across centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEX and DEX). This has prompted numerous exchanges to announce their intention to list BOME. The remarkable traction garnered by BOME shows the growing convergence of meme culture and blockchain technology. In addition, it signifies a new era of decentralized social media and meme preservation. 

Darkfarms envisions BOME as a dynamic platform boasting features such as an updatable electronic magazine, a versatile meme creation tool, and a CC0 meme library. With its unprecedented growth trajectory and innovative functionalities, BOME signifies a significant stride toward realizing the vision of an unstoppable meme ecosystem on the blockchain.

4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix has unveiled its groundbreaking Stake-to-Mine mechanism, powered by smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. This innovative approach aims to overcome the limitations of traditional cloud mining methods.

With a successful presale raising $12.3 million, each BTCMTX token is currently valued at $0.0141, attracting significant investor interest. An impressive 739,250,623 tokens have also been staked, indicating strong confidence in the project’s potential.

Phase 2 of the project will focus on platform development and facility establishment, including mobile and desktop software creation. Bitcoin Minetrix plans to expand its team and engage with prominent cloud mining conglomerates.

The main goal is to refine the Stake-to-Mine contract and secure additional listings on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Phase 3 will see the public launch of Bitcoin Minetrix’s Stake-to-Mine platform, marking a pivotal milestone in its development.

Users can withdraw mined BTC to their wallets during this phase for the first time. In the final phase, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to drive widespread adoption of the BTCMTX token through sustained marketing efforts and expanding its cloud mining rental services.

With presale Stage 32 now underway, investors can enjoy an APY of 56% through staking, presenting a promising return opportunity. With only four days remaining before the anticipated price rally, investors can capitalize on the current price before an increase.

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