Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Saturday, March 9 – OpSec, Golem, NEAR Protocol

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Much has transpired in the crypto market since our last update on the next cryptocurrency to explode. Crypto bears who are expecting further BTC dump are being disappointed again. Yesterday, BTC recorded a 5% price increase, which gave it a new ATH of $70k. Despite the momentary pullback, the difference this time is that Bitcoin has found enough support to hold its ground and push ahead.

Unlike the previous rally, there’s a less dense sell wall above the 69k mark, indicating that the bulls may have enough momentum to continue the upward push until the halving date, which is earmarked for next month. However, Bitcoin is not the only coin that has had impressive performance today.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Prices of several altcoins have also witnessed an incremental surge since Bitcin printed its new ATH. OpSec, Golem, NEAR Protocol, and many other cryptocurrencies are among the biggest gainers today, and there are clear signals that they may become the next cryptocurrencies to explode. In the meantime, investors also should pay attention to the eTukTuk presale. Its performance is widely discussed among degen investors, and we’ll touch on it later in the article.

1. Golem (GLM) 

The ongoing bull market is doing more than just increasing the prices of crypto assets. It’s also causing sleeping cryptocurrencies to regain their past glory. Golem is an example of a sleeping asset returning to life due to the bull market.

Golem is an open-source project that debuted in 2017 and has suffered a protracted price decline since the market crash in 2022. However, GLM returned to an uptrend after the market began recovering in the third quarter of 2023. And recently, it kicked into a bullish rally, which has given its price a 225% increase in the last 24 days.

GLM Price Chart

Today, GLM has recorded gains of over 6% and a trading volume increase of 190%. The price action has set the token on course to conquer its all-time high value. At the time of writing, it’s only 44% away from its highest value ever, and it’s only a matter of days or a few weeks before it breaks out.

Ideally, the return of GLM to an uptrend should not come as a surprise, given that the project has had its gaze set on revolutionizing peer-to-peer computing services. With the growing demand for GPUs and Artificial intelligence services, democratized players like Golem Network have become frontrunners.

Even though the price GLM may face a pullback in the coming days, it will likely attain the $1 mark before the end of the quarter. One of the catalysts that would fuel its rise in the coming days is its role in the upcoming NVIDIA conference.

2. eTukTuk (TUK) 

All attention is drawn towards DePIN and memecoins projects at the moment. However, many are not taking note of the upcoming cryptocurrencies that might become the next penny cryptos to explode. A typical example is the eTukTuk.

What distinguishes this novel initiative from many projects that make wave current is its fusion of several blockchain concepts. It achieves utility through the transportation solution. Also, there’s a blend of decentralization through its TUK token and the idea of staking to ensure that the future value of the token is secured through deflationary moves.

More importantly, it tackles the climate challenges by reducing the carbon footprint of existing transport systems.  It achieves this through the AI-powered transport solution. Hence, the team behind eTukTuk is creating a crypto project and launching a solution that cuts across different phases of human problems.

The opportunity to participate in the presale offering of the TUK token has been open for a while now and is being offered at the discounted value of  $0.028. The presale has raised over $1.8 million in funds so far, and it’s headed for the next milestone at $2.1 million. The chance to hop on board is still open to anyone who wishes to become a part of the solution.

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3. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) 

NEAR’s price today is 14% higher than we saw 24 hours ago. At that pace, it may arguably become the next cryptocurrency to explode. Its surging price is complemented by an increasing trading volume, which may signify that the market is picking interest in the token.

NEAR is the native token of the NEAR Protocol. The platform is designed to provide access to decentralized cloud computing services. It holds a reputation as one of the early players in the sector, having spent over three years in it. The protocol is optimized to allow developers to create and deploy decentralized applications with minimal challenges.

NEAR Price Chart

Generally, decentralized physical infrastructure projects are enjoying growing investor interest as a result of the influence of TradiFi. Investors’ enthusiasm towards the artificial intelligence hype across every industry and sector of the economy is at its highest level ever. Hence, in recent times, several crypto projects with AI potential have been printing impressive gains and increasing trading volume.

Another factor that might contribute to NEAR’s explosive growth in the future is its increasing use cases. Some quarters believe that the platform is the most used blockchain ecosystem in the industry. It recently released an update on its official Twitter handle, declaring it is 10% near its target of one billion users. With over 100 million registered users since the mainnet launch, investors should keep an eye on the NEAR trend for valuable short and long-term opportunities.

4. OpSec (OPSEC) 

OpSec is a new player in the DePIN sector. Within a few weeks of its debut, it amassed an impressive following on social media and a growing community of holders. The project’s success can be traced to the vibrant team behind it and the focus on bringing more value to its community.

OPSEC Price Chart

At the time of writing, OPSEC has a price of $1.74, over 6% higher than recorded 24 hours ago. The growing trading volume also signifies that more investors are trooping in to participate in the project, and the team has promised to kick off phase two of its iteration. Hence, holders can expect another leg up in the coming weeks.

OpSec aims to implement a more secure and decentralized digital ecosystem and infrastructure. The project is still in its infancy, and its crypto assets have a market capitalization of $180 million at the time of writing. There is still much work ahead of the community and the team.

That said, investors who wish to join the project still have room to do so, as the chances of increased performance are relatively high. Nevertheless, it’s hard to predict the actual prospect of the token due to the overall optimism in the crypto market. It’s best to conduct adequate research before making a move on OPSEC.

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