NFT Collector GMoney Collateralized CryptoPunk 8219 For $1M Loan

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GMoney is backing the $1M loan with Crypto Punk 8219.

Renowned NFT collector, GMoney, has borrowed $1 million USDC against iconic CryptoPunk 8219. The transaction took place on the NFT lending platform, Gondi.

The loan constitutes the largest amount borrowed against an NFT, on the Gondi platform. The second place belongs to CryptoPunk 9707, with a $150,000 loan, while Autoglyph 327 lands in third, with a $130,000 loan.


While there have been larger NFT-backed loans, they were mostly issued at the height of the previous crypto bull market. Today’s $1 million loan is a sign NFT-backed borrowing and lending markets may be heating up.