OKX Rebrands and Introduces New Crypto Services in the Netherlands

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OKX, recognized as one of the top centralized exchanges (CEX) by trading volume, has made significant strides in the Netherlands. On April 10, OKX rebranded from Okcoin Europe Ltd. and has since launched both its CEX platform and a web3 wallet specifically for the Dutch market.

OKX Collaborates with iDEAL and Launches New Services

As of June 3, the exchange announced on X that it would support an extensive array of cryptocurrencies, numbering over 150, along with 60 crypto-euro trading pairs. This rebranding and expansion are part of OKX’s strategy to cater to the growing demand for cryptocurrency services in Europe.

A notable partnership has been established between OKX and iDEAL, a prominent local online payments company. This collaboration enables Dutch users to effortlessly deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts. Additionally, the integration of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) allows for free euro deposits and withdrawals, further simplifying the process for users.

In parallel with its CEX platform, OKX has introduced the OKX Wallet, a self-custodial web3 wallet designed for Dutch users. This wallet, like the exchange, has been meticulously developed by a team of experts who took into account customer feedback to ensure a seamless user experience. Erald Ghoos, the general manager of OKX Europe, highlighted that OKX holds a crypto service provider registration with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and a virtual financial asset service provider license in Malta.

Despite its advancements in Europe, OKX recently decided to withdraw its application for the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license in Hong Kong. The exchange ceased its operations in the region on May 31 without providing a specific reason for this move. This decision came as a surprise given Hong Kong’s reputation as a rapidly growing hub for crypto companies.

Data from CoinMarketCap indicates that OKX boasts a 24-hour trading volume of $2.7 billion and receives nearly 5.9 million visits weekly. The total assets managed by OKX amount to $18.8 billion, with Bitcoin (BTC) comprising the largest portion at 46.2%, valued at $8.69 billion.

OKX’s Rebranding and Global Growth Plans

OKX, which used to be called Okcoin Europe Ltd., has changed its name and brand to better match its new and growing range of services. Announced on April 10, this rebranding shows the company’s plan to become a bigger player in the global cryptocurrency market. Changing from Okcoin to OKX means the company now offers more than just centralized exchange (CEX) services; it also includes decentralized finance (DeFi) options with its new web3 wallet. This change highlights the brand’s focus on being innovative and providing a variety of cryptocurrency services to meet the different needs of its users.

The new name and services launched in the Netherlands are a big step in OKX’s growth in Europe, giving Dutch users better ways to trade and manage cryptocurrencies. But OKX isn’t just expanding in Europe. The company is also looking for chances to grow in other international markets to serve its global users better. By rebranding and launching new products, OKX aims to become a leader in the cryptocurrency industry, making sure it follows local rules and offers solutions that fit each region’s needs. This worldwide plan shows OKX’s commitment to growing and staying innovative, making it a key player in the fast-changing digital asset world.

99Bitcoins: An ERC-20 Powered Platform with Learn-to-Earn Mechanics

99Bitcoins is one of the standout crypto presales this year, known for its innovative approach within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Initially emerging as one of the first crypto innovators, 99Bitcoins has established itself as a notable player in the space.

The platform is renowned for its educational content, delivering clear and positive messaging to users about the fundamentals of the crypto ecosystem. Over time, 99Bitcoins expanded its offerings to include nuanced, news-focused updates, crypto signals, and more. This evolution reflects the platform’s commitment to keeping its audience informed about the latest developments in the crypto world.

Recently, 99Bitcoins introduced a new feature within the Web3 space, leveraging an ERC-20 token named 99BTC, which is planned to transition to BRC-20. This project aims to reward users for learning about cryptocurrencies, integrating a learn-to-earn (L2E) mechanic that incentivizes education.

According to the platform’s whitepaper, the website will offer innovative learning modules, quizzes, and community forums. These features provide 99Bitcoins with more utility and versatility compared to other projects in the crypto space, enhancing its appeal to users who are eager to deepen their understanding of cryptocurrencies.

The presale for 99Bitcoins has already garnered significant interest, raising over $400,000. Individuals interested in participating in the presale can find more details at This strong presale performance underscores the platform’s potential and the community’s enthusiasm for its educational approach.

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