Optimism Moves Towards Progressive Decentralization With Security Council Launch

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The price of OP is up 40% in three weeks.

Optimism has launched its Security Council in a bid to transition towards progressive decentralization.

On Feb. 9, Optimism completed the first phase of its Security Council rollout, establishing a two-of-two multisig account tasked with authorizing protocol upgrades for the OP Mainnet. The wallet’s two signers are the Optimism Foundation and the first iteration of the Optimism Security Council.

“On Friday, the Optimism Collective officially launched its first Security Council, marking a major milestone in its decentralization journey,” Optimism said in a Feb. 12 blog post. “Phase 0… paves the way for more secure and community-driven protocol upgrades.”

Moving forward, Optimism plans to establish the Security Council as the sole entity responsible for implementing OP Mainnet protocol upgrades passed by governance.