Pokémon Go’s Unity Embraces Polkadot SDK for Web3 Gaming

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Unity Technologies, a driving force in mobile gaming, has recently partnered with Parity Technologies to incorporate the speedy Polkadot blockchain framework within its Verified Solutions Program.

Known for creating beloved titles like ‘Pokémon Go’ and ‘Call of Duty Mobile’, Unity welcomes Polkadot Play’s Software Development Kit (SDK) into its collection of tools, providing robust and seamless options for game creators interested in forging blockchain titles

Polkadot SDK introduces various functionalities designed to streamline the inclusion of blockchain technologies in gaming. It ensures enhanced control, seamless compatibility with C# code, and trustworthy transaction processes.

A Novel Route to Web3 Gaming Innovation

Through this partnership, Unity — holding over 60% of the mobile game market and catering to more than 1.5 million developers via its Asset Store — greatly amplifies the visibility of Polkadot’s blockchain solutions within the gaming world.

The Polkadot SDK on the Unity Asset Store empowers game developers to enhance their environments with innovative tools and opens up new promotional avenues.

Moreover, the Polkadot SDK introduces demo projects such as the ‘Demo Explorer’ for on-chain data access, the intuitive ‘Demo Wallet’, and ‘Hexalem’, an innovative on-chain multiplayer game.

Each of these offerings highlight the SDK’s versatility and are supported by extensive documentation and resources available through the Polkadot Unity SDK Wiki, encouraging exploration, learning, and innovation in blockchain gaming.

Uniting Web3 technology with mainstream gaming, Unity and Polkadot’s collaboration paves new paths for innovation in the Web3 space, positioning Polkadot’s infrastructure at the forefront of the rapidly evolving industry.

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