Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton Lands Spot On Massachusetts GOP Ballot

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John E. Deaton, a fervent advocate for XRP and critic of current regulatory approaches to digital assets, has officially secured his place on the Massachusetts Republican ballot for the 2024 US Senate elections. Deaton’s campaign announcement has stirred notable attention, setting the stage for a direct challenge against incumbent Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Pro-XRP Lawyer Is Officially On The Ballot

Deaton’s entry into the political arena follows his vocal criticism of what he perceives as overreach by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and particularly targets Senator Warren’s stance on cryptocurrency regulations. “Bad news for one of Washington’s most entrenched career politicians. Elizabeth Warren: Look who’s on the ballot!” Deaton announced on X after confirming the validation of 11,873 signatures needed to secure his candidacy.

In a series of statements shared on X, Deaton expressed his gratitude towards his supporters: “I am proud to announce I am officially on the ballot for the US Senate. A huge thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who worked tirelessly to collect over ten thousand signatures.”

He added, “Make no mistake, I am in this fight to win. Voters in Massachusetts are sick of Washington corruption. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s extremism represents everything that is wrong with our current politics, and why voters are telling me they’re ready for change.”

Deaton has been a significant figure in the legal battles involving XRP, a digital currency often in the crosshairs of US regulators. He pointedly criticized the SEC’s classification of XRP as a security, which contrasts with the stance of several other countries that deem it a non-security asset.

“Japan was one of the countries that declared XRP NOT a security. Yet, our SEC, without any support in the law, declared XRP itself a security,” Deaton remarked. He highlighted his representation of 75,000 XRP holders in the US and globally, arguing their case pro bono, which ultimately led to a legal victory where US District Judge Analisa Torres ruled that XRP itself is not a security.

Reflecting on his legal achievements and his advocacy for cryptocurrency, Deaton positioned his Senate run as part of a broader battle against governmental overreach. “Our next biggest victory against government intrusion and oppression will be when I defeat Warren, come November,” he declared.

Deaton’s campaign has already attracted support from various corners, including crypto-related political action committees (PACs) and individuals within the crypto community like Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson as well as individuals from outside the community like Mark Cuban who view his candidacy as a counter to Senator Warren’s allegedly “irrational attacks on the crypto industry” and her efforts to sever connections between banks and cryptocurrency entities.

As the first GOP candidate to make it onto the Massachusetts ballot for the upcoming election, Deaton’s campaign is poised to be a focal point for discussions on cryptocurrency regulations and their role in broader US policy.

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