Shiba Inu-Themed Meme Coin DOGE20 Launches on Ethereum, Raises $1 Million in Presale with High Staking Rewards

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Inspired by the popular Shiba Inu meme coins, Dogecoin20 takes things a step further by offering built-in staking for passive rewards.

This new cryptocurrency upholds the “Do Only Good Everyday” ethos while innovating how crypto holders earn. Currently, in its presale phase, Dogecoin20 offers tokens at $0.000152 each and has achieved significant progress, reaching $1 million of initial funding.

What is Dogecoin20 (DOGE20)?

Dogecoin20 captures the lively essence of meme coins that have fascinated the crypto community. Rooted in the iconic Dogecoin, which left its mark on internet culture, Dogecoin20 honors this legacy while embarking on a fresh journey.

By blending memes with on-chain staking, Dogecoin20 carves out a unique path that attracts both fans and investors seeking new avenues for growth. At the core of Dogecoin20 lies its advanced staking system, which empowers token holders to actively participate in the network and earn rewards.

Through on-chain staking, users contribute to the token’s stability and growth while passively accumulating more tokens. This fosters a sense of ownership and boosts the token’s usefulness, highlighting its potential as a dynamic and self-sustaining asset. Drawing inspiration from its Doge roots, Dogecoin20 is committed to making a positive impact.

Following the principle of “Do Only Good Everyday,” Dogecoin20 extends its influence beyond the digital realm by supporting charitable causes and community projects. By infusing purpose into its core, Dogecoin20 becomes a symbol of goodwill in a space often driven by speculation.

Dogecoin20 envisions a future where innovation meets compassion, pushing meme-inspired tokens beyond fleeting internet trends. By combining passive rewards with meaningful contributions, Dogecoin20 aims to challenge norms and redefine conventions in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

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Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) roadmap

Dogecoin20’s roadmap focuses on fairness, innovation, and building a strong community. As the project moves forward, it aims to make the token more useful, reach more people worldwide, and have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency world. These efforts could lead to a better and more successful future in the blockchain community.

Phase 1: Presale and Marketing

Dogecoin20 starts off by ensuring fairness for all investors with a transparent presale. Part of the funds raised will go into developing a strong marketing strategy. This plan aims to boost awareness and adoption, laying the foundation for the token’s future growth.

Phase 2: Early Staking Incentive

During this phase, early supporters and buyers of DOGE20 from the presale will receive a special opportunity. They can stake their tokens directly into the smart contract before the official listing day.

This move is intended to offer them a significant early annual percentage yield (APY) advantage, laying the groundwork for the token’s staking system.

Phase 3: Presale Token Claiming

To make sure the launch is fair, those who buy DOGE20 in the presale can claim their tokens at the same time as the Uniswap listing. This simultaneous release will build trust and keep the project honest, ensuring that everyone involved starts off on equal ground with the token distribution.

Phase 4: DEX Launch on Uniswap

As the awaited moment comes, DOGE20 debuts on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange globally. Choosing this platform ensures users a smooth trading experience, providing the ideal environment to buy, sell, and engage with DOGE20.

The early liquidity from the Uniswap listing will establish a strong foundation for the token’s market presence.

Phase 5: Allocated Liquidity Provision

As part of their commitment to building a strong ecosystem, the Dogecoin20 team allocates a large portion of their resources to add liquidity to the Uniswap pool. They accomplish this by setting aside 10% of the total token supply.

This action helps ensure that the token has good trading activity and reduces the chance of big price swings, protecting the interests of both early and future investors.

Phase 6: Long-Term Staking for Passive Rewards

As Dogecoin20 becomes more prominent in the crypto world, the priority turns to maintaining lasting value and rewards for its holders. The DOGE20 staking contract, inspired by the original Dogecoin emission schedule, is now active.

This allows token holders to participate in staking for the long term, earning passive rewards using a reliable and trusted method.

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) tokenomics

Dogecoin20’s tokenomics are carefully designed to incentivize community engagement and long-term viability. A well-considered token distribution model and a sustainable staking mechanism are implemented to create an ecosystem where active participation is rewarded. This approach aims to ensure the project’s long-term success.

  • 25% Presale Allocation: This ensures an accessible entry point for early adopters who share the project’s vision and empowers them to actively participate from the ground floor.
  • 25% Marketing: Dogecoin20’s future success hinges on implementing a robust marketing strategy aimed at attracting active meme coin traders and securing long-term supporters. This campaign will ensure visibility on significant crypto platforms, playing a crucial role in the token’s growth and adoption.
  • 25% Treasury: The reserve is meant to sustain and develop the project over the long term, offering resources for future plans and operational needs.
  • 15% Staking Rewards: This allocation incentivizes holders to contribute to network stability and growth while earning rewards, fostering active community engagement.
  • 10% DEX Liquidity: Priority is given to a healthy and liquid ecosystem by allocating a portion for DEX liquidity, promoting a seamless trading experience and price stability.

Earn passive income with Dogecoin20 staking

Dogecoin20 transcends its meme coin origins by introducing a sophisticated staking mechanism. This empowers the community to actively participate in the network and generate passive rewards simultaneously. Dogecoin20 introduces a staking mechanism to incentivize early participation and foster community engagement.

In its inaugural year, Dogecoin20 allocates a significant portion of tokens for staking rewards, encouraging users to become an integral part of the network’s security and growth while earning substantial rewards.

As the project progresses, Dogecoin20 continues to allocate tokens for staking rewards, albeit at a slightly reduced rate in the second year, ensuring the sustainability of the staking ecosystem.

The staking experience is user-friendly, allowing participants to easily stake their tokens and actively contribute to the network’s strength while earning passive rewards.

Dogecoin20 emphasizes its commitment to community empowerment through staking, positioning it as a reliable source of financial growth and bridging the gap between active engagement and passive income.

Overall, Dogecoin20 invites users to seize the opportunity to stake their tokens and align with the project’s values of innovation, community engagement, and value pursuit. To take part in the $DOGE20 presale, visit


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