Solana’s SEALANA Meme Coin ICO Races Past $500,000

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He may not have left his bedroom since the dawn of Solana, but the brand new ICO for Sealana ($SEAL), the all-American redneck seal, has raised $500,000 in investments in its first fortnight.

Although it was birthed on the Solana blockchain, Sealana is technically a multichain token. The Buy widget on Sealana’s homepage enables seamless $SEAL purchases on three different chains. Anyone with Solana, Ethereum or BNB can connect their wallets and buy Sealana instantly at a fixed presale price of $0.022 per token. 

People are piling into $SEAL and other Solana-based meme coins this year as the network rapidly outpaces Ethereum to become the go-to blockchain to launch tomorrow’s biggest meme coins.  

Sealana comes waddling in behind another recent viral Solana meme coin ICO – Slothana ($SLOTH). 

Sealana’s slothful 420-friendly predecessor and chain-mate Slothana raised a staggering $15 million in a one-month presale that recently concluded. Now on exchanges including Raydium, Poloniex and, $SLOTH rallied 40% in the last 24 hours, helped along by a clever token-burning mechanism each time the price rises by a cent. 

Now it looks like Sealana is Solana’s next viral lazy guy meme coin. There are hints that the team behind it may have been the architects of the infamous and wildly successful Slerf ($SLERF), crypto’s original sloth meme coin. 

Word on the grapevine says the team wants another crack at a big meme coin launch after botching the $SLERF raise with an accidental $10 million token burn, before watching Slothana go on to outraise it.

But who exactly is Sealana? 

Solana’s greatest bedroom patriot is about to Make Meme Coins Great Again. 


Sealana Surfs A Wave Of Meme Coin Mania On Solana

Sealana’s main source of inspiration will be obvious to most who meet his cross-eyed screen gaze. He’s a not-so-subtle Web3 spin on South Park’s viral legend Gamer Guy, aka Fat Computer Nerd.

Gamer Guy appeared in the hit cartoon’s side-splitting World of Warcraft episode and became a viral meme all on his own thanks to his milk-bottle glasses, screen-locked stare, messy room and gravity-defying girth.

He has symbolized anyone from the legions of disgruntled keyboard warriors writing sharp, acerbic opinions in internet comments sections, to a kind of Everyman idler.

Beached at his desk and ballooning by the day, when he’s not making degen Solana trades, Sealana’s roving flippers fumble across his desk for sustenance of chips and tinned tuna. 

Why does he love Solana so much? Because crypto’s second-most commercially important blockchain has established itself as the best Layer 1 blockchain to launch high-volume meme coins.

In relatively little time, projects like DogWifHat ($WIF), Bonk ($BONK), Book of Meme ($BOME) and Popcat ($POPCAT) have risen to become top ten market cap meme coins. The market is hungry for more and Sealana feels a tingling in his blubber. 

That’s because his native network, Solana, could flip BNB to become the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Solana currently hosts a digital economy storing over $4 billion in total value locked (TVL) across various apps and financial services, with 1.16 million active users transacting daily and over 2,500 monthly active developers

There are also some signs that this could be a potentially catalytic year for crypto in general and the Solana network in particular. 

The Halving And ETF Impacts

Sideways-moving crypto prices after some early-year rallies reflect a market that is briefly consolidating before the effects of a Bitcoin software update known as “the halving” become apparent. 

The halving slashed mining rewards from 6.25 BTC per block to 3.125, effectively halving the issuance of new BTC. Now, with Bitcoin setting new all-time highs this year after the US approval of spot Bitcoin investment products back in January, many analysts say crypto is set to become much more valuable, thanks to the newly depleted Bitcoin supply. 

The past three halvings have added significant value to the market well within a year of the update. 

Market-wide green candles will prompt further meme coin gold rushes in the near future. This time, Solana and its affiliated projects will be at the forefront of the rallies. 

The potential US approval of Ethereum ETFs on Thursday next week could also be a boon for projects on Solana, the number one “Ethereum-killer”. 

Don’t ignore the patriotic call to Make Meme Coins Great Again. Who knows? Sealana will be thanking you when he leaves mom’s basement.

Fatten him up with SOL and watch him send a tsunami of precious $SEAL into your crypto wallets! 

Buy Sealana at the official website here.  

Follow the latest developments on Sealana’s X account.

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