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In the ever-evolving world of digital art and NFTs, a new platform emerges to redefine the creator’s minting experience: Stacks, introduced by Transient Labs. This innovative platform is set to transform how artists control, present, and sell their digital creations, promising a brighter future for creators in the Web3 domain.

Introducing Stacks: Empowering Creators Like Never Before

Transient Labs’ Stacks platform is a game-changer for digital artists and creators. It simplifies the process of minting and selling digital art by allowing creators to independently build and publish their mint pages. By leveraging ERC1155 for editions and ERC721 for unique collections, Stacks eliminates the need for indexing contracts on external marketplaces. This approach not only facilitates a direct sales pathway but also introduces a groundbreaking 0% creator fee structure, putting the focus squarely on the artists and their work.

A Spotlight on Creators’ Work

Stacks is meticulously designed to showcase creators’ work in the best light possible. The platform offers a seamless mint page creation flow and presents artworks with attention to detail. This dedication to highlighting creators’ work is coupled with unique sales mechanics and customizable options, ensuring that artists can tailor their mint pages to fully reflect their artistic vision.

Unique Sales Mechanics for a Tailored Experience

One of the standout features of Stacks is its two-phase sale process, which includes a smooth transition from presale to public sale. Creators can customize their mint with varying pricing, allowances, and durations for each phase. This flexibility offers both creators and collectors an unparalleled experience. Moreover, Stacks introduces innovative concepts like Velocity and Marathon minting for 1155 editions, adding a dynamic element to the sales process and allowing demand to dictate the supply.

Customization and Innovation at the Forefront

With Stacks, the mantra is clear: customization is king. Artists have the freedom to personalize their mint pages, from detailed descriptions to additional informational sections and FAQs. This level of customization ensures that every mint page can be a direct reflection of the creator’s vision and style.

Furthermore, Stacks brings affordability to the forefront of innovation. The platform offers lazy minting and minimal fees for buyers, ensuring that artists can focus on their art without the stress of prohibitive costs.

Expanding Reach and Visibility

By integrating Stacks with Transient Labs’ Launchpad, artists’ works gain greater visibility and accessibility. This commitment from Transient Labs aims to enhance artists’ reach and support their journey in the digital art space, promising an ecosystem where creators can thrive.

The Future of Stacks: Evolving with Creativity

The journey with Stacks doesn’t end at launch. Transient Labs envisions a platform that continues to evolve, offering broader customization, dynamic contract types, and innovative auction mechanics. Stacks is designed to grow alongside creators’ creativity, adapting to their needs and preferences.

Celebrating Creativity with Stacks

Transient Labs invites creators and collectors alike to celebrate the launch of Stacks—a platform built for creators, by creators. This initiative marks a significant milestone in empowering artists to take control of their minting experience, promising a new era of digital art creation and distribution.


Stacks by Transient Labs introduces a revolutionary platform for digital art creators, offering unparalleled customization, unique sales mechanics, and a creator-centric fee structure. Designed to enhance visibility and empower artists in the Web3 domain, Stacks promises an innovative and evolving minting experience.


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