Top Altcoins to Consider Buying in March for Potential 10x Gains – BTCMTX, MK, SCOTTY, TARA, and GRT

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The cryptocurrency market is currently surging, with Bitcoin hitting new highs and altcoins mirroring its upward trajectory.

In particular, the altcoin market is witnessing significant activity, with notable movements observed in AI coins and meme coins, including those operating within the Solana ecosystem.

As Bitcoin recently soared to an all-time high exceeding $70,000 and boasts a market cap of $1.37 trillion, it becomes imperative to delve into potential altcoins poised for substantial gains.

So, let’s embark on a deeper dive into five top altcoins exhibiting significant potential:

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix stands out as a leading crypto presale in the cloud mining realm, offering a unique Stake-to-Mine approach. The project recently launched its presale, introducing its native crypto, $BTCMTX.

The presale has kicked off with impressive momentum, raising over $11.9 million so far. Buyers can also benefit from a 58% staking APY, enabling them to earn passive income and cloud mining credits through the staking contract.

Although these credits aren’t tradable, they can be used on Bitcoin Minetrix to acquire Bitcoin cloud mining power. As stated in the Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper, users have the opportunity to receive specific mining times and a reward based on a percentage of mining revenues.

By tokenizing the cloud mining process, Bitcoin Minetrix has made cloud mining accessible even to those without prior crypto or mining knowledge. Additionally, by utilizing non-tradable ERC-20 tokens as a payment method for rewarding mining contributors, users retain control over their assets.

This sets Bitcoin Minetrix apart from conventional cloud mining operations, which often involve risks associated with third-party services. Out of a total token supply of 4 billion, 2.8 billion tokens have been earmarked for the presale.

At present, $BTCMTX is valued at $0.0139, with the price projected to reach $0.0148 by the 39th and final presale round. Interested investors can begin by making a minimum purchase of $10 during the presale. The $BTCMTX token is exchangeable with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or BNB (BNB).

To take part in the $BTCMTX presale, visit

Meme Kombat (MK)

Meme Kombat has become a standout in the crypto world after a successful ICO and launch. Just in the past 7 days, the project shot up by 68%, showing that investors are really into it. During its presale, Meme Kombat pulled in over $10 million, showing it could grow big.

Starting at $0.291, Meme Kombat quickly climbed to an all-time high of $0.917 today, making an impressive jump of over 350%. This surge put it in the top ten on Dextools, showing it’s getting more and more popular among traders.

Right now, it’s valued at $0.739 with a market cap of $85 million, getting ready for Season 1 to start. People are excited for the virtual battles featuring famous meme characters like Doge, Floki, and Pepe. With only three days left until the launch, fans are getting really pumped.

On top of all this, Meme Kombat offers cool gaming features and a way to make money through staking, with a hefty 81% annual yield. Plus, big investors, called whales, are buying up lots of $MK tokens. In fact, a single wallet recently spent $172,373 on them.

Meme Kombat is different from other projects because it brings together top meme coins in a competitive setting where people bet on the outcomes. Its unique idea has been a hit in the meme coin community, as shown by its successful launch and big price jumps.

Some predictions say the $MK token could hit $0.98 by the end of 2024. And with the expected crypto bull market in 2025, it could see even more growth, especially if it keeps adding Play-to-Earn elements and expanding online.

Scotty the AI (SCOTTY)

The next cryptocurrency presale we’re looking at is $SCOTTY, the native token of Scotty the AI. This new crypto brings together artificial intelligence and blockchain tech to keep the crypto world safe.

In January 2024, Scotty the AI launched $SCOTTY at $0.005 per token. Right now, the presale price is up to $0.01 per token. Out of a total supply of over 1.7 billion, 30% is set aside for the presale. By joining the presale, investors can stake $SCOTTY and earn up to 39% in yearly staking rewards.

Scotty the AI has some impressive AI tools that can analyze complex blockchain data and sniff out threats and suspicious activity. It’s great at spotting anything fishy happening on the blockchain, keeping things safe and secure.

According to the Scotty the AI whitepaper, the platform will soon add tools for swapping tokens and an AI chatbot. This means investors can easily swap $SCOTTY for other DeFi cryptos. Plus, with ‘Scotty Chat,’ platform users can chat with an AI chatbot to learn more about cryptos and blockchain.

After the presale, $SCOTTY will get listed on Uniswap and BitMart. And down the line, Scotty the AI aims to get listed on top-tier exchanges like Coinbase. Since the presale began, Scotty the AI has raised over $6 million. To take part in the $SCOTTY token presale visit

Taraxa (TARA)

The upcoming Ficus Root Bridge, scheduled for mid-2024, is set to boost the utility, asset variety, and cross-chain liquidity of the Taraxa ecosystem. DeFi creators can enjoy a seamless flow of assets and liquidity between Ethereum and Taraxa, without worrying about fragmentation.

This bridge, along with Taraxa’s fast, affordable, and EVM-compatible features, makes Taraxa a perfect fit as a Layer-2 solution for decentralized apps (dApps) or a consensus layer for rollups.

Although not a presale, Taraxa stands out as a low-cap altcoin gem, currently priced at $0.012, with a market cap of $46 million. Despite showing positive growth trends over the past week and month, its 24-hour trading volume remains moderate at $600k.

Despite being listed on major exchanges like MEXC, KuCoin, and, there’s a desire for a higher market cap or a more favorable volume-to-market cap ratio. Ranked at No. 674 by CoinMarketCap, Taraxa demonstrates its potential as an enticing altcoin investment.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph (GRT) is a decentralized protocol that lets you search for data across blockchains, making it possible to build fully decentralized apps. It’s known for giving developers efficient and dependable access to blockchain info, making it easier to create more advanced and user-friendly dApps.

$GRT, the token of the Graph network, has been on a strong rise, shown by five weeks of steady price increases on the weekly chart. Starting from $0.149, the coin’s price surged by 300% to reach $0.44, also boosting the altcoin market cap to $4.2 billion.

The momentum for $GRT started picking up in the second week of February, with increasing trading volumes and market cap adding to the bullish trend. While it’s not at its all-time high, The Graph has been holding its ground in the market.

Though $GRT’s upward trend might face some challenges at certain price points, it’s also finding support levels that could help stabilize its growth. This trajectory positions the crypto as a potential leader in the ongoing expansion of digital currencies, reflecting the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the market.


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