Trezor’s Black Friday sale is here: Unlock deals, Lock crypto! | by SatoshiLabs | Nov, 2023

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The wait is over. Our Black Friday sale is here! This is also the last chance for you to get your hands on Trezor hardware wallets and more at the year’s lowest prices.

Get ready to take self-custody of your digital assets, with unbeatable discounts of up to 40% on hardware wallets, metal backups, bundles, and other accessories. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your security setup, find the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season, or begin your hodl journey.

Eager to just delve in? That’s where the action happens 👇

Here’s a look at some of the discounts you can get your hands on (remember, the sale only lasts till 27 November)

Yes. You can get your hands on the Trezor Model One, the first-ever hardware wallet, at a discount of 30%. First announced in November 2012, it revolutionized the industry by making it safe and easy to create and store private keys offline.

After almost a decade in use, the Model One has served hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers globally, and none have reported funds lost or stolen due to an issue with their wallet. The minimalistic design resembles a keyring ornament, making it practical to carry and easy to conceal.

Get it here.

Want to go advanced? Our flagship Trezor Model T, designed to expand the capabilities of its predecessor (Trezor Model One), is now available for only $153, otherwise sold for $219. Trezor Model T is the perfect combination of an intuitive interface and powerful hardware.

Check it out here.

As we’ve said earlier, one of the coolest properties of digital assets is that with just 12 words any amount of wealth can be kept safe, under the control of a single person.

Your recovery seed is a list of words that backs up your private keys. It must be stored in physical form written down as a list of words, hiding them somewhere, safe from online and physical attacks. While you can also memorize your recovery seed, you should never rely on memory alone.

How about backing it up with stainless steel? This Black Friday, we are extending a 40% discount on the Cryptosteel Capsule Solo. Available currently for only $61, this handy backup device has been designed to survive nearly any extreme conditions, giving you the peace of mind that your data has the safety it deserves.

Then, there’s even the titanium backup in the Cryptotag Zeus, now available for only $90.

We are even running some exclusive limited-time bundles this Black Friday week. And, they are available only till 27 November. Think about it. How about a hardware wallet, protective silicone case, lanyard, magnetic micro-USB keyring, android phone cable micro-USB to micro-USB — all of this at only $63! Too good to be true? Check it out here.

Meet the Essential Kit One

And, that’s just one of our bundles. Check them all out here.

Other than this, we’ve got loads of deals on handy Trezor accessories including cables, keyrings, screen protectors, and more.

It’s time to unlock crypto security like never before with our Black Friday sale. Seize this chance to take control of your digital assets, upgrade your security setup, or start your hodl journey with up to 40% off. Remember, these deals are available only till 27 November — act fast and secure your assets today! ⌛️

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