Viral BTCBSC Token Presale Passes $2 Million Mark

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If you had bought $100 of Bitcoin in 2011, it would have been worth $3m when BTC was trading at $30,000 earlier this year – could Bitcoin BSC repeat that feat?

Crypto investors certainly think so, which explains why the ‘Bitcoin on BNB Smart Chain’ staking crypto asset has raised more than $2 million in less than two weeks as its presale races toward the finish line of $3.96 million.

Currently priced at just $0.99 in presale – roughly the price Bitcoin was at in 2011 – Bitcoin BSC has a much better risk-reward profile for potential investors than Bitcoin, not to mention the staking yield that generates an income stream to bolster capital returns.

To be sure not to miss out on the presale alpha opportunities and the listing, which could be next week, follow the project’s X (formerly Twitter) account and join the Telegram group.

Bitcoin Remains Robust – With Bitcoin BSC Positioned to Reap Significant Benefits

Behind the headlines about ‘crypto winter’ that followed failing crypto banks and exchanges, Bitcoin looks in pretty good shape. So are the Bitcoin derivative and clone coins that seek to provide a value differential over the original offering.

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin BSC has a total supply of 21 million tokens. However, unlike Bitcoin, it runs on a proof-of-stake network, the BNB Smart Chain, a cheaper and more efficient blockchain.

The latest Bitcoin alternative coin has something else going for it that Bitcoin doesn’t – staking built in by design. 

You can start staking and earning yield if you buy Bitcoin BSC today with BNB. Token buyers have jumped at the chance to start locking in passive income. So 974,352 $BTCBSC has been staked and is currently earning an annual percentage yield (APY) of 268%.

The current staked tokens amount to almost half the total sold $BTCBSC. 

Often when you see an APY in triple figures, it can ring alarm bells, given the considerable spread it represents over the current interest rate levels in the advanced economies, which are in single figures.

Everything is transparent with Bitcoin BSC, which means you can keep tabs on how many token holders are staking by visiting the real-time Bitcoin BSC staking dashboard

In addition, the project’s smart contracts are audited, and the team has provided a guarantee of locked liquidity for when it is listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX).

Bitcoin BSC Staking, Anchored on Firm Groundwork, is Now Accessible

With $BTCBSC, no impenetrable and opaque algorithm-based financial engineering is built on rickety foundations like Terra Luna. Instead, Bitcoin BSC has allocated 69% of the token supply to be rewarded to stakers. 

The pre-mined $BTCBSC tokens are emitted at 0.25 $BTCBSC per block in a block production schedule that mimics Bitcoin by rolling time back to 2011. 

$BTCBSC rewards are paid out every 10 minutes like the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Bitcoin BSC is part of a new wave of derivative clone coins into the bitcoin space, drawing on the version 2.0 theme but, in this case, also leveraging the utility of staking. 

These staking-based bitcoin clone coins come to market with the added security of buyers, knowing that they come with a sizeable portion of the token-holding community already committed to the project through their deposits into its staking smart contract.

This means there will be far less selling pressure when the token launches on decentralized exchanges due to the yield-bearing presence of staking at the heart of its tokenomics. 

Staked coins have a seven-day withdrawal lock, after which tokens can be taken off stake at any time. Those who initiate stakes after $BTCBSC is listed can stake their tokens regardless of whether they have bought with BNB or ETH. But if you wish to initiate staking while the presale is still in progress, you must purchase with BNB.

Bitcoin BSC Stands Apart: More Than Just Another Bitcoin Duplicate or Meme Coin ‘Version 2’ Replica

Staking makes offerings like Bitcoin BSC far superior to the utility-light meme coin version 2 clones such as Pepe 2.0, Dogecoin 2.0, Shiba Inu 2.0, or even the likes of Bitcoin 2.0, whose only resemblance to Bitcoin was in the name of the token.

Then there are coins such as HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (HPOS10I) that use the ticker BITCOIN on DEXs – although most centralized exchanges refuse to allow it. It does not have a 21 million supply and is a meme coin take on Bitcoin with zero utility. 

Nevertheless, as a meme coin that has achieved virality, HPOS10I has attracted substantial interest, providing an example of the power of ‘bitcoin’ brand name recognition. HPOS10I has returned 66,000% for early investors from launch to peak, provided they sold at the top. 

But Bitcoin BSC is looking to play at the more severe end of the spectrum, where coins such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV have attracted considerable attention as alternatives to Bitcoin. 

However, these assets are forks from the original blockchain and carry all the baggage and complications, such as maintaining and developing the protocol.

Still, Bitcoin Cash was the earliest such fork if we exclude Litecoin, and although it is some way off its highs, it has nevertheless been able to outperform Bitcoin in recent weeks.

Following its launch, Bitcoin BSC Has the Potential to Surge 7x or Even Higher, Mirroring BTC20’s Trajectory

Then there’s the BTC20 coin, launched a little over a month ago and compares favorably to Bitcoin. While bitcoin has slid, at one stage slipping under $25,000 earlier this week, BTC20 has not only stayed in the green. It has been earning yield for its stakers.

While Bitcoin is down 7.3% in the past 30 days, BTC20 is up 14% on its list price of $1. Bitcoin Cash is up 4.5% in the past month, also outperforming Bitcoin.

We should also add that in the case of BTC20, shortly after listing, it reached an all-time high of $5.9 for a 6x return for presale investors.

Although some of the comparative returns cited above may not feel particularly spectacular by crypto volatility standards, savvy investors who have been around the block will be aware of the improving fundamentals for Bitcoin and how clone coins with better risk-reward potential, like Bitcoin BSC, are likely to benefit in an outsized way.

Joe Parys Crypto YouTube channel, with 300k-plus subscribers, is tipping $BTCBSC as one of five Bitcoin alternatives to see a price explosion.

Another crypto YouTube analyst has invested $840 into BTCBSC, attracted by the APY and the token price appreciation potential.

Bitcoin’s Halving Event Might Propel $BTCBSC Price Skyward.

Bitcoin block rewards are due for their four-yearly halving in April 2024, and if past performance is a guide, the coin is on the cusp of yet another bull run. Each previous halving cycle bull run has seen bitcoin hit higher highs.

Aligning with that view, Pantera Capital predicts the next cycle will be no different. The crypto asset manager reckons Bitcoin will return to $36,000 by the end of this year and surge to around $147k in the next halving cycle.

True to form, bitcoin derivative coins will be among the leading beneficiaries of the halving cycle bull run, likely to outpace many other altcoins.

Bitcoin BSC Stands Primed to Capitalize on the Upcoming Monumental Bull Run.

Institutions and savvy investors have started accumulating Bitcoin in readiness for the next bull run. 

Aside from the halving, the prospect of a spot Bitcoin ETF and the flood of new money – retail and institutional – that will flow into the Bitcoin and broader crypto market, as a result, means the next altcoin season threatens to be the mother of all melt ups.

Please research, but it probably makes sense to prepare for the upturn by adding some low-cap sparkle to your portfolio. 

A relatively modest allocation now to Bitcoin BSC could turn into 5x or even 100x gains very quickly, and shortly, as we go into the halving cycle, life-changing profits could be on the table. 

If you think digital currencies like Bitcoin are the future but missed out the first time, Bitcoin BSC provides a rare opportunity to grab a slice of the action before the bulls start rampaging. 

You can buy $BTCBSC today with BNB, ETH, or USDT. The minimum purchase amount is $10. Buy with BNB if you want to start staking before the presale ends. Those who choose to buy with ETH can start staking as soon as the presale ends.

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