What You Need to Know About Crypto Unicorns Migration to XAI Blockchain

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Laguna Games‘ flagship web3 game, Crypto Unicorns, has announced its migration to the Arbitrum-based L3 XAI blockchain. This move brings about exciting changes for users, including gasless transactions and smoother on-ramping. The process began with the successful conversion of the $RBW token to $CU, paving the way for new opportunities in staking, liquidity provision, and gameplay features.

Crypto Unicorns’ XAI Reboot

Crypto Unicorns has come a long way since its early days as a basic farming game. It has evolved into a dynamic gaming platform, offering players a variety of gameplay features and standalone titles. With the migration to the XAI blockchain, Crypto Unicorns is set for a game reboot in June 2024.

One of the main features of Crypto Unicorns’ migration is the introduction of its native token, $CU. Holders of the previous $RBW token have been given a 10-to-1 conversion ratio to $CU. This opens up new opportunities for staking and liquidity provision, with estimated APRs of 28% and 163%, respectively.

Leaderboard and Rewards

In addition to staking and liquidity provision, Crypto Unicorns is also introducing a points-based leaderboard system. Players can earn rewards in XAI and $CU tokens by securing a place on the leaderboard. This adds a competitive element to the game, encouraging engagement and active participation from players.

Crypto Unicorns has expanded its offerings beyond its flagship web3 game. Players can now enjoy standalone titles such as Rainbow Rumble and Unicorn Party. The latter includes an array of casual real-time multiplayer and mobile-first games, such as Bumpercorns and Mob Run. With the migration to XAI, these games will also be available on the new blockchain, providing a seamless and unified gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

Crypto Unicorns’ migration to the Arbitrum-based L3 XAI blockchain brings about exciting changes for users. From gasless transactions to new opportunities for staking and liquidity provision, players can expect a smoother and more rewarding experience. The game reboot in June 2024 will introduce new gameplay features, making Crypto Unicorns an even more immersive and engaging web3 game. With the addition of standalone titles, players have a diverse range of options to choose from, all under one unified platform.

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