Will Notcoin Hit Its ATH Again as Investors Flock to This New AI-Powered Meme Coin Presale?

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Notcoin generated significant hype in the market following its launch, but its price soon experienced a steep decline. Notcoin stirred significant excitement ahead of its launch, but it ultimately fell short of investor expectations as its price declined. The altcoin’s trading volume dropped by 42.59%, signaling waning interest.

Additionally, negative sentiment prevailed, indicating bearish market dominance. This article will explore the price forecast for Notcoin and highlight a new AI crypto project currently in presale that shows greater potential given the current market conditions.

The Viral Tap-to-Earn Crypto Game Revolutionizing the TON Blockchain

Notcoin, built on the TON (The Open Network) blockchain, has effectively merged gaming, mining, and blockchain technology to deliver a captivating and viral cryptocurrency experience. It is associated with a popular Telegram-based game where players earn Notcoins by tapping on the screen.

This ‘tap-to-earn’ model has quickly gained popularity, drawing in millions of users. The game’s simplicity and its integration with the widely used Telegram platform contributed to its rapid success.

Users can mine Notcoins without any initial investment, providing a low-risk entry into the cryptocurrency world. The game’s appeal lies in its fun and engaging nature, paired with the opportunity to earn real cryptocurrency.

$NOT Crypto Price Prediction

Notcoin’s recent inclusion on prominent crypto exchanges such as Binance and OKX has markedly increased its visibility and credibility within the market. Since its inception, Notcoin has enjoyed significant success, experiencing a rapid surge in value, with its price soaring by more than 60% in a single day.

However, as of the present moment, $NOT is trading at $0.0177, representing a decline of 13% over the past 24 hours and 8% over the last seven days.

The 14-day RSI for Notcoin currently stands at 58.58, indicating a state of neutrality. Nevertheless, $NOT crypto continues to display robust upward momentum, suggesting a potential transition into a bullish phase.

NOT Crypto 1 Day Price Graph

The cryptocurrency appears poised to challenge the $0.0221 resistance level in the near future. Should this momentum persist, its price could ascend towards $0.0257, with the possibility of reaching $0.0794 in the next bullish cycle.

Conversely, a shift in market sentiment towards pessimism could see Notcoin seeking support around $0.0153. A prolonged downturn may result in the price dropping to approximately $0.0104, signaling a bearish trend.

To delve into a comprehensive Notcoin price prediction analysis, watch the video above and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Additionally, join Jacob Crypto Bury’s Discord community for valuable trading tips and insights into upcoming crypto presales.

WienerAI as a Strong Contender to Notcoin

With a series of upcoming developments designed to sustain its expansion and enhance its usefulness, Notcoin appears to have a promising future. However, a new crypto currently in presale holds even more potential for growth once it enters the broader market.

WienerAI, an emerging AI-powered meme coin project, has garnered over $5.1 million during its presale phase. Offering advanced AI technology and attractive staking opportunities, WienerAI demonstrates that innovation and humor still have ample room in the cryptocurrency realm.

WienerAI unveils a trading bot empowering users with predictive market analysis. By inputting basic criteria like risk tolerance or target gains, users can execute trades seamlessly across decentralized exchanges (DEXs) at optimal prices, without incurring significant fees.

Additionally, WienerAI’s bot features real-time MEV protection, safeguarding users’ gains from front-running bots. Essentially, WienerAI’s bot acts as a ‘trading companion,’ simplifying the process of navigating the crypto market.

Combining AI technology and trading tools, WienerAI could potentially revolutionize investment strategies. WienerAI’s presale adopts a multi-stage format, with each stage lasting 48 hours. As of the time of writing, investors can purchase $WAI tokens for $0.000716, which they can immediately stake.

WienerAI’s staking protocol offers estimated yields of 216% annually, with over 4.7 billion tokens already pledged. By staking $WAI, users not only gain access to market-beating trade signals but also establish a passive income stream. Potential investors can visit our guide on how to buy $WAI token here.

Out of the total supply of 69 billion tokens, 30% is reserved for the ongoing presale, while an additional 20% is allocated for staking rewards. Furthermore, 20% is designated for marketing, 20% for community rewards, and 10% for providing liquidity across both DEXs and centralized exchanges (CEXs).

The project’s AI-powered trading bot distinguishes it from other offerings in the meme coin market. Moreover, the staking rewards and tokenomics incentivize $WAI holders to hold onto their tokens long-term, indicating a commitment to establishing lasting value beyond speculative trading.

To stay updated on WienerAI’s presale, follow their X account (formerly Twitter) or join their Telegram channel. To take part in the $WAI token presale visit


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