10x Research: Are Ethereum and Bitcoin Good Investments? BlockDAG X1 Mobile Mining App Gains Attention Amid TON Token Surge

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As cryptocurrencies redefine financial landscapes, Ethereum and TON token showcase significant activities in the market. Ethereum faces challenges with scalability affecting its market position, while TON token capitalizes on strategic partnerships to climb the market cap rankings. Amidst these fluctuations, BlockDAG stands out with its robust roadmap and the forthcoming X1 mobile mining application, positioning it as a substantial player in making cryptocurrency mining more accessible and efficient, potentially leading to a notable market impact by 2025. 

Ethereum’s Price Plunge and the Shadow Over Bitcoin 

The 10x Research report raised concerns about Ethereum’s underlying issues impacting its ecosystem and Bitcoin, given their tight correlation. Once seen as revolutionary for banking, Ethereum now struggles with scalability problems, while Bitcoin stands as the digital gold standard. Their high correlation, with an R-square of 95%, suggests Ethereum’s difficulties could hinder Bitcoin’s ability to draw fiat investments.

Furthermore, Ethereum’s price has plummeted, worsened by FTX’s liquidation and hackers laundering money through Tornado Cash. Currently below the critical $3,132.80 level, Ethereum’s outlook is bearish with a potential drop to $2,905.30 unless it rebounds past this pivotal point.

Additionally, FTX, in bankruptcy, has accelerated its Ethereum sales, liquidating over $12 million this week. Significant hacks involving Poloniex and Kronos Research have seen large amounts of ETH moved to Tornado Cash for laundering, underscoring persistent security issues in the crypto sector.

TON’s Path to a $21 Valuation 

Transitioning to another major player, the TON token has entered the top 10 crypto tokens by market cap. TON’s rise, fueled by its integration with Telegram, active community engagement, and the prospect of a Telegram IPO in March 2024, has led to a 170% price increase this year. A favorable technical setup suggests further potential gains.

Specifically, TON’s price formed a ‘bull pennant,’ indicating a possible continuation of its upward trend. This pattern, marked by converging trendlines and lower trading volume, could drive the price up by 256% to around $21 if supported by a volume increase. 

However, recent profit-taking decreased TON’s price slightly on May 6. The 20-day EMA is critical for maintaining the bullish trajectory, and with the RSI at a neutral 53.6, there’s room for growth towards resistance at $6.4 and potentially $7.

BlockDAG’s X1 App for Efficient, On-the-Go Mining 

Moving on to BlockDAG, the company has successfully raised over $25.4 million in its crypto presale, aiming for a $600 million target, buoyed by its detailed roadmap and early phase developments including a P2P engine and Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility. The upcoming launch of the X1 mobile mining application, designed to make cryptocurrency mining more efficient and user-friendly, positions BlockDAG to redefine the mining landscape. This app will allow users to mine BDAG coins without draining battery or data, facilitating mining on-the-go.

In the next phase, the platform’s expansion continues with the development of BlockDAG Scan in the roadmap’s second stage, enhancing network visibility and engagement through a user-friendly dashboard and features like NFT contract support. Meanwhile, the third phase introduces the X1 Miner Application, which integrates a referral system and competitive leaderboards to encourage community participation and improve transaction management. 

Looking ahead, with the beta version of the X1 application set to release soon, BlockDAG’s robust strategy and technological advancements are set to attract further investment. This strategy aligns with its goal to make cryptocurrency mining accessible and engaging, offering potential for substantial returns with a predicted price increase to $10 by 2025.

The Last  Call 

While Ethereum struggles with scalability and TON token seeks further market consolidation, BlockDAG’s introduction of the X1 mobile mining application promises to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of mining practices. As it progresses towards a bright future marked by potential substantial returns, BlockDAG’s comprehensive approach could well redefine user engagement and profitability in the crypto mining sector. 

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