All Roads Lead to Polygon: An Audible Journey Through Web3

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Since their first episode back in March 2023, the All Roads Lead to Polygon (ARLTP) podcast has been growing. Enthusiasts from all walks of the Web3 world are finding a place where blockchain’s most intriguing and topical subjects are discussed openly with some of the biggest names in the space.

In their first episode, 3900 people tuned in to hear speakers such as Polygon’s Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, Animoca Brands, DeGods, and more dive into the Web3 landscape and speak about their contributions to the burgeoning ecosystem. Fast forward 6 months, and it’s safe to say they’ve gained traction – lots of it. Having recently aired their 25th episode, ARLTP has turned that initial 3900 listeners into over 44000. Here’s why. 

A Gathering Spot for Web3 Enthusiasts and Experts

ARLTP has become a favourite spot for enthusiasts and experts in the Web3 community. The podcast consistently welcomes a diverse range of guests from different corners of the Cryptosphere – including business leaders, influencers, and developers, offering them a platform to share unique perspectives. Apart from this, the hosts have created a space where speakers and listeners can feel comfortable contributing their views and insights in this inclusive space.

Moreover, ARLTP offers an in-depth look at the various platforms, protocols, and communities thriving in the cryptocurrency sector. Every week, it focuses on a specific topic, bringing in specialists and thought leaders to provide a comprehensive view of Web3’s past, present, and future developments. This approach has led to the podcast earning nods from not only the Web3 community but also from mainstream tech media outlets.

Memorable Discussions Along the Road

ARLTP has covered a vast range of topics and hosted some memorable episodes from within Web3. From ‘Immutable: The Home of Web3 Gaming’, where Robbie Ferguson and the Immutable team gave insights into Web3 gaming and its vast potential for transforming video games, to the ‘Future for Web3 Creators’, where talented thought leaders spoke about NFTs, Musicfi, and permissionless content creation. 

NFTs have been a hot topic on the podcast, drawing huge numbers of listeners to hear leading voices talk about innovative NFT use cases, such as brand loyalty, authenticity, and artistic patronage. Other notable episodes included creating awareness about the dangers in the Web3 space with their episode ‘Crypto Scams and Exploits’ and the challenges with onboarding the next wave of users to crypto with the episode ‘Defi for Dummies’. 

We spoke to the ARLTP team, and they’re excited about the podcast and, of course, the future of Web3. What they had aimed for and succeeded in achieving is creating a place that’s friendly, educational, and real. They told us they have a “ton of fun putting them together”, and if you listen to ARLTP, you’ll understand why – because they are fun and with plenty of humour thrown in, too. There’s also music, like from the supremely talented Violetta Zironi, who regularly interludes the talking with some amazing songs. 

Of course, all of this led to their celebratory 25th episode, “The Best of ARLTP,” where many of the top and most recognisable industry leads were present. So, what’s to come? Hopefully, many more episodes unpacking Web3 and guiding us on the journey we are on. The spaces happen on X, Fridays at 3 pm UTC. Check it out. 

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